Two Major Services Offered by the Auto Body Shop

A business where the bodies of automobiles are maintained and repaired by body specialists and mechanics is an auto body shop. Many various specialties exist although many shops tend to offer similar services.

Here, two common procedure or services of an auto body shop has been explained. You can get a better idea if you are in need of one of these procedures. The two major auto shop service include undercoating or Auto Body rust repair and welding.

Rustproofing or Undercoating

Promising protection for their cars for a long time, rustproofing, to most car salesmen and mechanics, is something that they use to convince car owners. For car owners who live in areas where it frequently snows, this may be true but rustproofing would only be an additional touch to for some owners who are located in places where it rarely snows.

The top layer of your vehicle is protected by rustproofing, which is otherwise called undercoating and it offers a good protective function. It protects the entirety of its car. Many car owners prefer and go for the process of undercoating altogether as it has many benefits.

The use of pine resin and asphalt tar was involved in the process of undercoating or rustproofing in the olden times. To the iron components that are most exposed to salt-air exposure, these components were applied.

You must ensure that your Auto Body rust repair must be done efficiently. Various types of undercoating are there. In a form of thick glue, it essentially comes. It can remain in this state the longest time possible and is sticky and wet.

Binding agents such as asphalt and epoxy and solid elements such as fiberglass or ceramic nodules are contained in undercoating.

The undercoating is strengthened by Fiberglass. This is the rubberized undercoating and is another type of undercoating that is sold in stores.

Such protection cannot be sufficient although it does offer protection. This is due to the thin layer it gives to your car. Also, the development of bubbles is common in this type of undercoating.

A lot of procedures are entailed in Undercoating. When it is applied in excess, it also adds a significant amount of weight. The thin portion beside the thick portion will chip away when the undercoating is not evenly sprayed or distributed on.


Welding is a common technique used to join thermoplastics or metals through coalescence. Various energy sources including friction, gas flame, or laser are used to perform the process of welding. For any auto mechanic, Welding like Truck frame welding is an essential skill.

The parts of the auto that have been repaired are sand down using Sanders. For hard-to-reach and small spots, manual sanders are used and to sand larger areas, Power sanders are used.


If you are a vehicle owner, then you must check your vehicle and get it maintained in the hands of a professional at the auto body shop. Remember, never compromise with the quality for cost when it is the matter of your vehicle.

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