Auto Body Rust Repair- The Truth about Rust Proofing



To the majority car mechanics and salesmen, rust proofing is something that they employ to con car owners assuring protection for their cars for a long time. This might be true for car owners who live in areas where it frequently snows but for some owners who are not located in places where it rarely snows, Auto Body Rust Repair would only signify additional unnecessary expense.

Rust proofing or otherwise known as undercoating care for the top layer of your vehicle but its protective function stops there. It arrives short in protecting the whole of its car. But this does not signify that one has to forgo the procedure of undercoating altogether because it has its advantages.

In the olden times the procedure of rust proofing or undercoating involved the employ of asphalt tar and pine resin. These components were applied to the iron components that are mainly exposed to salt-air exposure.

There are a lot of kinds of undercoating. It arrives essentially in a form of thick glue that is wet and sticky and can remain in this state the best ever time possible. Undercoating contains attaching agents such as epoxy and asphalt and solid constituents such as ceramic nodules or fiberglass. Fiberglass assists strengthen the undercoating. There is one more type of undercoating and this is the rubberized undercoating that is sold in stores. It is a sealant that requires to be sprayed on your car. Although it does offer protection, such protection cannot be sufficient because of the thin layer it provides to your car. Also, this kind of undercoating is prone to development of bubbles.

The downside of undercoating is that if it is absent over a long period of time, the undercoating will harden and will chip away. Undercoating entails a lot of processes. It also inserts a significant amount of weight when it is applied in surplus. It can also enlarge the rate of the vehicle's decomposition. When the undercoating is not evenly distributed or sprayed on, the thin portion that is beside the thick portion will chip away which will guide moisture to be trapped in between the thick surface and the car's body which will once more significantly increase the corrosion of your car.

According to car experts of Rust-O-Rama, factory undercoating is a procedure that will only steal a lot of money from you. If you still desire to have your car undercoated by mechanics create sure that you observe proper diligence in the application of said procedure. Thanks for reading our Auto Body Rust Repair article. Visit for some great info regarding rust removal and repair.

In Conclusion:

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