Jeep Wrangler Frame Rust Repair

Rust O Rama is the leading rust repair company which provides top quality rust repair service in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, New England. With expert engineered repair techniques and advance equipments this auto body rust repair company erases years of rust from the vehicle and restore your vehicles to roadworthy condition at a budget friendly price. This leading organization has created a great reputation and well known for its Jeep wrangler frame rust repair service in Northeast. Whether it is a simple or major rust repair Rust O Rama plays a vital role to remove the rust from your vehicle and provides the best service to its customers.


Jeep wrangler frame rust problem is a very common issue. Even after the best care also, jeep wranglers are prone to rust. Most rust issues start from the inside and work their way out. When water, road salts and other dirt collect inside the frame and sit for a long period of time, rust develops and eats away the body metal. A proper regular cleaning of the underside of the jeep can prevent the rust issue. From coating to extensive cleaning become beneficial for the rust problem. This particular jeep needed some serious attention and an extensive amount of cutting, grinding, measuring and welding are included to repair the frame.

 Rust O Rama is the best rust repair company and gain decade of experience to deal with this rust issue efficiently. The expert technician of this company understand how these corrosive factors invade the chassis and try to turn back that corrosive time and breathe new life in to your Auto Body rust repair. This organization can work on any make and models of jeep wranglers and rebuilding sub frames with heavy handed precision. With a thorough inspection this company finds out the rusted area and cut the rusted out section. It also cleans the frame by removing any debris and loose rust to create a wieldable surface. This renowned company offer expert automobile welding service to cover the rust damaged area of your vehicle. Through this welding service it brings your frame back in shape or rebuilds the floorboard of your vehicle. The minor rust problems are fixed with the help of rust inhibitor. Rust O Rama uses POR 15, the best rust inhibitor to repair the rust problem. POR 15 is most popular and effective coating which has designed to use directly on rusted metal surface to prevent and protect from future rust problem. But in the case of severe rust problems the professional technicians of this company replace the rusted metal with a new metal with proper alignment. Rust O Rama is well equipped to provide superior rust proofing and undercoating service. After a careful masking the experts of this company apply an automotive undercoating over whole repair area and every road facing surface. Undercoating is a proven deterrent to the salt and de-icing materials on the roads. The technicians of this Rust repair estimate near me company apply a fresh undercoating on the jeep wrangler frame that has always exposure to salt and other road deicing systems. This under coating service helps to prevent future rust problem.

In Conclusion:

Rust O Rama is one of the famous and most professional rust repair companies in Northeast side which is devoted to provide the immediate solution of the rust problem to all make and model of vehicle. With this extensive knowledge and vast experience it tackles all type of rust issue and brings your auto body back to perfection.

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