Rocker Panel Repair


A rocker panel is a stamped steel piece and is an important part of your car's body structure. They are placed along the sides of the vehicle between the fronts and rear wheel well openings, just below the doors


Permanent rust repair of rocker panels can be done without welding. Welding process can cause bigger problems if the back sides of the welds is not treated and coated properly. Welding in new metal is not a certainty that the rust will not come back again. Weld seams usually rust from the inside if not coated correctly and if not protected from moisture on the blind side. 


Oxidized weld seams rust faster than any other kind of rust-vulnerable material. If the rust caused is not structural, it can be repaired without welding. Rocker Panel Repair involves repairing the rust in the best possible way instead of welding it in new metal and then filling the seam with auto body filler. Repairing shouldn't be carried out in a high moisture environment. 


When you purchase a car, don't forget to perform an initial inspection on the vehicle. Make sure that there are no traces of structural rust present anywhere on the car. When your newly purchased car becomes older, do a thorough inspection of all rust areas. Following this, open up, descale and carefully clean all these areas. All non-structural Rocker Panel Repairs described till now is being done without welding. 


If the weld lines are not shielded with a product, the new and rapidly approaching rust will come out again through the body filler. Fixing a rust hole on the rocker panel can cost you a lot of money. Instead, follow some simple steps to get your job done easily, at an economical price. 


Use structural foam to fill the holes first. Then, apply a body filler to render it a nice structure. Finally, paint the bottom black so that no finish work remains. The complete process takes about an hour. This method should not be exercised on a show car or a car which is meant to be sold to another buyer. It is done just to save money and bypass inspection. 


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In Conclusion:


Rust-O-Rama has been fixing up those rusted out rocker panels for years. We have the skills and the experience to get your rocker panels looking like new again. Call us or drop by and let us take a look at it. Our pricing is the best in area and you will love the quality of our work. If you want the absolute best possible Rocker Panel Repair and Auto Body Rust Repair, we always suggest a full panel replacement. Our body repair experts specialize in rocker panel repair, Jeep Wrangler Frame Rust Repair and we offer the most affordable prices throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Whether the rust is on the surface or rotted right through, Rust-O-Rama can help!


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