Auto Body Rust Repair

Rust O Rama is a leading company which provides Auto Body Rust Repair service in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, New England. It is one the expert and professional companies in Northeast which follow the advance technique and up to date equipments to provide the best service to its customers. Rust O Rama not only remove the rust from your car but it grind, sand, fill, prime and paint your car back to perfection. When in the minor rust problem it uses the best product like POR-15 to remove the rust, in the other side for the more sever rust problems it replace the rusted metal with new metal and guarantee a long lasting repair.


Rust normally starts where dirt gets trapped in area overtime, traps moisture and then eats the metal away. It generally develops under the paint of your car hidden out of sight but eventually bubbles to the surface under the paint. So to prevent rust, first you have to clean the dirt properly from your vehicle.

Auto Body Rust Repair begins with a thorough inspection. If your vehicle has caught the rust, that may be minor or severely Rust O Rama is there to resolve your problem with its expertise hands on rust removal. This private company provides the best service to the customer. It specializes in rust repair for your rocker panels, wheel wells, cab corners and frames.

This renowned company offer expert automobile welding service to cover the rust damaged area of your vehicle. Through this welding service it brings your frame back in shape or rebuilds the floorboard of your vehicle. Rust O Rama gives an honest assessment of the damage area, which helps you to get your vehicle in a perfect shape. Apart from that this company provides the best under coating services to save your auto body from moisture. Under coating is a proven deterrent to the salt and de-icing materials on the roads. Rust O Rama does a thorough scrubbing of the underneath and removes all the rust and applies a fresh under coating in the vehicle. This under coating service helps to prevent the future rust problem.

Except that Rust O Rama is efficient enough to fix up those rusted out rocker panels with an affordable price. Through its expertise service and advance equipments it repair the rusted out area and give a new look to the rocker panels. Whether the rust is on the surface or rotted right through, Rust O Rama is there to provide the best solution.

Rust O Rama is efficient in Jeep Wrangler Frame Rust Repair services. Whether it is extensive frame repair or simple patch to pass inspections, this company provides the best satisfactory services to the customer with reasonable prices. It also fixes up truck rust issues. Apart from that it works on all types of pickups including Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, Toyota and more. As this company has extensive knowledge of all types of vehicles’ rust repair services, it easily restores your car or truck floorboards, rocker panels, fenders and more back to original condition.

Rust O Rama uses POR 15 to remove all types of rust. POR 15 is the best rust inhibitor available in the market. This company sprays it directly on rusted metal surfaces and prevents and protects from rust permanently.


Rust O Rama is the most experienced rust repair company in the New Hampshire and Massachusetts, New England. Through its expert repairing services it repair all make and model of vehicle and give it a new look. Browse our website for more details about Rust Repair Estimate Near Me and Truck Frame Welding Repair

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